Tuesday, October 30, 2012

QR Codes

We are using QR codes as a learning tool at school.  Some of these codes would be beneficial for you to use at home with your children.  I am planning to begin making codes that address specific skills that individual children need to work on.  If you have a smart phone or other device (iPad, iPod, etc.) that has a camera please let me know by responding to this post so I can begin sending some home with your child.  You will need to go to your app store and download a free QR code scanner if you wish to utilize these codes at home.  There are many different free QR scanners in the app store.  Type in "QR Scanner" and choose on that is free.  You will then be ready to scan when the code comes home!  :)  

Mrs. Wilson


  1. Yes please send Madison some home! Thanks Mrs Wilson!

  2. We would love to use those at home. Thanks!!

  3. Great! I'll get them coming! I will probably just post the QR's on the blog and you can scan them directly from the screen. :)