Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Folders

Can you believe one whole week of Kindergarten is already behind us?! We had a great week. All of the children have seemed to settle in well and are making lots of new friends.
I hope you all got your Monday folders today. I found two papers in the classroom on the floor today after the children left. If anyone was missing their homework page and skills page, let me know.
I hope you are all utilizing the classroom blog. Please feel free to post comments and communicate with one another on here as well. You can even let the children post comments to me and their friends. I believe you will have to create a google account to post comments and join the blog site. You can create a free google account at Click on "gmail" at the top, then click on "create an account". It is quick and free.
We painted today at school! The children were so excited. The paint was washable so it should wash out well!
We have introduced the letters and sounds for Aa-Dd so far. We have also introduced the words "I" and "am". Practice these letters and words as well as the skills that came home in the Monday folders today at home.
Thanks for all you do!
Mrs. Wilson

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