Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Your babies are becoming pros at school! We are learning the rules and classroom expectations so well. Keep looking for those stamps on hands every afternoon. In case you forget: Super star will be a green super star stamp, Green light will be a green flower stamp, yellow light will be a yellow train stamp, and red light will be a red ladybug stamp.
We painted a yellow jacket last week. They look so cute hanging in our classroom. We also made a bucket to hang up in the hallway to remind each of us to strive to be "bucket fillers". I hope you are implementing this at home as well. I have been talking to my four year old son about being a bucket filler. It is really a great concept to teach our children!
Please continue checking your child's Monday folder each week. They will bring home any work they may have done during the week as well as important papers from the school, and homework. We do A LOT of hands on activities in kindergarten so don't be surprised if your child brings home very few "worksheets".
We are in need of treasure box items at school. These can be any small toy from the dollar tree, McDonalds, etc.
I will be sending home notes within the next few weeks to begin scheduling our first conference of the school year.
If you have not purchased a T-Shirt please send your $7.00 in ASAP. We will be ordering the shirts next week and will not be able to order more.
Thanks for all you do to help me everyday!


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